Redefine your home with Stratus – allows light to flood into your home’s interior, using an aluminium lantern roofing system, which is discreet yet stylish.

  • Sizes up to 3m x 6m
  • 2-way, 3-way or contemporary design models
  • Ultimate in minimalism
  • Sleek contemporary looks
  • Thermal break technology


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The Stratus thermal roof lantern has the design flexibility to redefine your home. Create a sense of interior space with the addition of an aluminium roof lantern as the focal point of your room. Interject light in a way that can instantly lift the look and feel of your room with the simple addition of our aluminium roof lanterns.

Whether you are looking to enhance the light in your living area, dining room or kitchen, the Stratus thermal roof lantern can support even the most creative ambitions. Add a touch of elegance to your room and enjoy thermally efficient, quality designed roof lanterns to provide an ultra-modern appeal to your home.

Aluminium roof lanterns offer sleek contemporary looks to both the interior and exterior of your home. With their slim, minimalistic design modules, they combine excellent functionality and attractive aesthetics to create a truly spectacular finish to your roof. Perfect for the rooms in your home that are in the centre of the building with minimal or no windows at all.

Stratus thermal roof lanterns can withstand even the most extreme conditions due to its aluminium profiling. Aluminium allows our roof lanterns to achieve an unbeatable lifespan that exceeds industry leading standards of durability. The Stratus thermal roof lantern is a worthwhile investment for your home.

Add value to your home with the Stratus roof lantern. The lightweight and durable design of the Stratus lantern making the perfect addition for any room in your house. Available in 2 hardwearing exterior powder coated finishes, with a white interior finish, the Stratus lantern can suit all property styles.

Providing an elegant sense of privacy in your home, while still maintaining an unlimited amount of natural light. The addition of a roof lantern is useful for homes in built up or urban areas or for rooms that require natural lightings, such as a dining area or office. As a highly sought after feature, they are most popular in conservatories, orangeries and extensions.

With their long lasting strength and low maintenance design, the benefits of installing a roof lantern are limitless. Invite people to gravitate towards spending more time in this brightly lit space with the addition of a roof lantern. The Stratus roof lanterns have been intelligently designed with your home in mind.

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